Give where you live


With the United Way of Santa Rosa County campaign in full swing, the message for this year’s campaign is “Give Where You Live”. At United Way, we believe in giving to invest in the building blocks for a good life. These building blocks are our 3 key focus areas: Education, Health, and Income Stability. Each one of our partner agencies exhibits stellar performance in its area of expertise. In order to give excellent customer service, many agencies across the country are only able to serve the clients within their specific counties. That is why this year UWSRC is highlighting the importance of giving within the county one resides in.

Giving is a vital part of living united. In the Santa Rosa Community, there are many ways to give back as well as give where you live. Helpful hints, tips and current events are always available on the UWSRC website as well as the Facebook Page

Here are several ways to GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE:

- Making the most out of a dollar donation: The Santa Rosa County United Way works hard to receive state and federal match dollars that instantly turn every $100 donation into $720 that immediately go to work in our local community.

- Participating in volunteer opportunities: UWSRC has a volunteer center in-house that can connect any type of volunteer with many opportunities throughout the year; special events include providing local school children with the school supplies they need for a successful year during United Way’s Cram The Van program, hosting various drives for needy residents including diaper drives benefitting local single moms, as well as coat drives benefitting the local homeless, and various other special events.

- Advocate for someone in need: The community is our eyes and if someone is in need, calling the local United Way’s First Call for Help line (850) 983-7200 is crucial. UWSRC partners with many businesses, such as Majors Home Improvement which is able to provide critical home improvements to a family in need every year, to get involved and help our neighbors.

- Corporate match: Companies providing corporate matches to their employee’s gifts are a great way to incentivize corporate giving at the workplace.

- Give a gift: There is not always the ability to be able to give a monetary donation or personal time volunteering, but perhaps just giving an item no longer wanted or needed to a person in need can change their life.